Day 825: Swimming with New Legs

Day 19 post op:

Madi, Jack & Nate spent their day at the ball game! They had lots of fun walking around ballpark village and seeing the game. 

After the game everyone decided to walk back to the hotel. As a break on the way everyone stopped at Union Station for a drink and to see the light show!

Once back at the hotel the kiddos went for a swim before dinner arrived. Today was Madison’s first swim since her surgery. She was a little more tentative than usual in the water but that only lasted a few minutes and then she wanted to splash and kick and swim. Mommy was truly in awe of how much smoother Madi’s legs moved in the water and how much more range she had with her kicking. It was a special moment that made Mommy’s heart happy. 


After swimming it was bath time and then PJ’s & pizza party!

Day 823: Nate has Arrived!

Day 17 post op:

Madi & Jack were super pumped this morning knowing that Nate was on a plane on his way to St Louis.

Madison first had to work hard in her Physio session before she could see her cousin. She did lots of stretching, walking on the treadmill, walking with canes and in her walker. She is figuring out her large shoes and trying not to trip over them. 

As soon as Madi got back to the hotel, Nate was just arriving from the airport. They didn’t waste anytime- ate some breakfast and started playing right away. Everyone then went to the Magic House for some exploring, fun & hidden PT. Too many pics to post them all so check out Madi Moves on Facebook to see all the pics from the day!

Everyone then went back to the hotel for some much needed quiet time. Before the end of a great first day the kiddos went to Forest Park to The BoatHouse for dinner and to feed the ducks!

Day 822: VIP at the Zoo!

Madi had another early morning at Physio. She was in and out by 9am, but made every minute count. She tried using tri canes today for the first time!

After Physio Madi was able to go to the St Louis Zoo for a special visit. Aunt Emily’s friend arranged for a behind the scenes tour where Madison and Jack got a 1:1 meet and greet with Rosie the sea lion!

After a visit around the zoo Madi picked up her new night time braces for stretching while sleeping and then headed downtown for dinner at a cool burger and shake restaurant.

Day 821: Casts Off!

Day 15 post op:

Madi was up bright and early to have breakfast and then get her casts off. They try and not use the cast saw with their patients at the therapy clinic so they gave instructions on how to remove the casts at the hotel in the bath tub. Madi was thrilled to get them off after the process, but during was not a happy camper. A big thank you to Aunt Emily for working so hard to cut and pull them off. She has war wounds on her hands that show how tough it was. Madi was measured and there is a 10 degree difference now in her range from the casts which is great. She will do casting again in the summer in Toronto to try and get a few degrees more. Madison also got to have her first full bath!

After her casts were removed she headed to the bracing clinic to pic up her new DAFO’s. She received two. A pair that she will wear for the next 4-6 months for support and then a shorter SMO pair for when she needs less support. Madi chose pink/purple camo print – to reflect her true warrior spirit. 

After picking up her new braces she headed to Physio. 10 minutes on the treadmill! Thank you Peppa Pig!

Madi’s new braces are much wider then her old ones so once Physio was finished she headed to the mall for new shoes. She chose pink and Jack got some new running shoes too!

After a long day out and about, Madison was super excited to go back to the hotel to celebrate Nana’s birthday!

Day 820: 2 Weeks Wonderful!

Wow! We can’t even believe that Madison’s life changing surgery happened 2 weeks ago as of today!

Madison is kicking butt at therapy and becoming more confident and mobile each day that passes. Today she did a total of 5 minutes on the treadmill and spent her whole hour of therapy on her feet. 



Madi loves exploring the hotel in her walker! It’s been the best Physio! 

Madi Moves was represented on the ice tonight where the St Louis Blues play! Aunt Emily got to paint the ice before melting it for the end of season – thanks for representing Madison’s journey!

We love seeing our Madi smile and happy enjoying her St Louis adventure!

Day 818: Accessible Fun!

Day 12 post op:

Madi & Jack gave everyone big hugs and kisses this morning for Mother’s Day. They are two amazing little humans that Mommy feels extremely blessed to have in her life.

After breakfast everyone headed to the park for a play! Inside Forest Park is a fully accessible playground designed and built by Variety the Children’s Charity. It felt like home! 

Madison did some amazing standing and walking in her walker at the park – it was the best Mother’s Day present ever!


It was super hot in St Louis today so the park didn’t last too long. Everyone headed for some AC to have some lunch.

The rest of the day was spent at the hotel recovering from the heat. While Mommy, Jack and Nana napped, Aunt Emily & Madi did some crafts.

Jack is feeling much better – his new favourite game is to sit on his sister.

Madi did some great Physio before bed! She also learned how to play go fish.


Day 817: Gifts from Home!

Day 11 post op.

Madi’s first night last night wearing her knee imobolizers did not go so great. She lasted about 3 hours wearing them and then woke up having a panic attack and wanted them off. She ended up wearing them a bunch during the day today to try and make up the missed time. Fingers crossed for success tonight!

Madison is not the only one who is a patient at Children’s Hospital- Jack has not been feeling well so Mommy took Jack to get checked on and he has been battling a double ear infection. The doctors were great and had him in and out quick. 

Madi is not scheduled for Physio at the hospital on the weekends so the time is spent at the hotel trying to be creative with different Physio activities to keep her moving and progressing.

During one of Madison’s adventures around the hotel today she got a delivery of mail. A get well soon letter from Great Grandma Lynch and a package from St Brigid School arrived. The Jk/SK class sent Madison a package full of cards that she decorated her bed with. Thank you Rosina and the kindergarten class at St Brigid!

Day 816: Horsing Around

Today is day 10 post op

Madison had an excellent Physio session with Blaire bright and early this morning. They warmed up on the swing, did a full lap of the gym in her walker, did some playing while standing and rode around on the bike. Madison was still very hesitant in her walker and took lots of coaxing, but she did it!

Madi & Jack then went with everyone to Grants Farm – home of the Budweiser Clydesdales Horses! They checked out the stables and their newest foal and then fed some baby goats bottles of milk and rode the carousel.

The rest of the day was spent doing some Physio in the hotel. Madi is slowly moving more and more and is not as scared or hesitant as a few days ago.

Tonight is the first night Madi is wearing her knee immobilizers to bed! Super stretch! Fingers crossed they stay on all night.