Day 823: Nate has Arrived!

Day 17 post op:

Madi & Jack were super pumped this morning knowing that Nate was on a plane on his way to St Louis.

Madison first had to work hard in her Physio session before she could see her cousin. She did lots of stretching, walking on the treadmill, walking with canes and in her walker. She is figuring out her large shoes and trying not to trip over them. 

As soon as Madi got back to the hotel, Nate was just arriving from the airport. They didn’t waste anytime- ate some breakfast and started playing right away. Everyone then went to the Magic House for some exploring, fun & hidden PT. Too many pics to post them all so check out Madi Moves on Facebook to see all the pics from the day!

Everyone then went back to the hotel for some much needed quiet time. Before the end of a great first day the kiddos went to Forest Park to The BoatHouse for dinner and to feed the ducks!

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