Day 821: Casts Off!

Day 15 post op:

Madi was up bright and early to have breakfast and then get her casts off. They try and not use the cast saw with their patients at the therapy clinic so they gave instructions on how to remove the casts at the hotel in the bath tub. Madi was thrilled to get them off after the process, but during was not a happy camper. A big thank you to Aunt Emily for working so hard to cut and pull them off. She has war wounds on her hands that show how tough it was. Madi was measured and there is a 10 degree difference now in her range from the casts which is great. She will do casting again in the summer in Toronto to try and get a few degrees more. Madison also got to have her first full bath!

After her casts were removed she headed to the bracing clinic to pic up her new DAFO’s. She received two. A pair that she will wear for the next 4-6 months for support and then a shorter SMO pair for when she needs less support. Madi chose pink/purple camo print – to reflect her true warrior spirit. 

After picking up her new braces she headed to Physio. 10 minutes on the treadmill! Thank you Peppa Pig!

Madi’s new braces are much wider then her old ones so once Physio was finished she headed to the mall for new shoes. She chose pink and Jack got some new running shoes too!

After a long day out and about, Madison was super excited to go back to the hotel to celebrate Nana’s birthday!

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