Day 825: Swimming with New Legs

Day 19 post op:

Madi, Jack & Nate spent their day at the ball game! They had lots of fun walking around ballpark village and seeing the game. 

After the game everyone decided to walk back to the hotel. As a break on the way everyone stopped at Union Station for a drink and to see the light show!

Once back at the hotel the kiddos went for a swim before dinner arrived. Today was Madison’s first swim since her surgery. She was a little more tentative than usual in the water but that only lasted a few minutes and then she wanted to splash and kick and swim. Mommy was truly in awe of how much smoother Madi’s legs moved in the water and how much more range she had with her kicking. It was a special moment that made Mommy’s heart happy. 


After swimming it was bath time and then PJ’s & pizza party!

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