Day 818: Accessible Fun!

Day 12 post op:

Madi & Jack gave everyone big hugs and kisses this morning for Mother’s Day. They are two amazing little humans that Mommy feels extremely blessed to have in her life.

After breakfast everyone headed to the park for a play! Inside Forest Park is a fully accessible playground designed and built by Variety the Children’s Charity. It felt like home! 

Madison did some amazing standing and walking in her walker at the park – it was the best Mother’s Day present ever!


It was super hot in St Louis today so the park didn’t last too long. Everyone headed for some AC to have some lunch.

The rest of the day was spent at the hotel recovering from the heat. While Mommy, Jack and Nana napped, Aunt Emily & Madi did some crafts.

Jack is feeling much better – his new favourite game is to sit on his sister.

Madi did some great Physio before bed! She also learned how to play go fish.


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