Day 817: Gifts from Home!

Day 11 post op.

Madi’s first night last night wearing her knee imobolizers did not go so great. She lasted about 3 hours wearing them and then woke up having a panic attack and wanted them off. She ended up wearing them a bunch during the day today to try and make up the missed time. Fingers crossed for success tonight!

Madison is not the only one who is a patient at Children’s Hospital- Jack has not been feeling well so Mommy took Jack to get checked on and he has been battling a double ear infection. The doctors were great and had him in and out quick. 

Madi is not scheduled for Physio at the hospital on the weekends so the time is spent at the hotel trying to be creative with different Physio activities to keep her moving and progressing.

During one of Madison’s adventures around the hotel today she got a delivery of mail. A get well soon letter from Great Grandma Lynch and a package from St Brigid School arrived. The Jk/SK class sent Madison a package full of cards that she decorated her bed with. Thank you Rosina and the kindergarten class at St Brigid!

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