Day 488: Bootcamp Tuesday

Madison worked so hard today – Mommy was so proud! This week is an “overlap” week of old programs ending and new ones starting which all happen within this one week, which equals very busy days for little Madison…today was especially busy, but in true Madison form she loved every minute and had a smile on her face all day. 

Before her day started, Madison dropped off Jack with Aunt Nadia and Nate. She was happy to see Nate to start off her day and they had a visit from the neighbourhood cat Cecil.

Her day started with her fun playgroup at March of Dimes! She did excellent walking with her canes and worked on various transitions throughout a super fun obstacle course.

She was then off to Grandview for every single therapy – PT, OT and Speech that they combined into a 2 hour session! Her speech therapist Christine followed Madison through various activities in both PT and OT to help her therapists incorporate ideas to increase her breath control for projecting her voice. She is clearer and has louder voice control when sitting down with her feet flat on the floor, legs at 90 degrees and sitting in a chair with a high back. When whole body movements are required (such as walking) her tone kicks in within her diaphragm and vocal cords which creates a smaller voice that can sometimes sounds cracked or raspy. We are being asked to praise Madison every single time she is able to project her voice. If she is too quiet or too loud we are being asked to give her immediate feedback using analogies of things she understands like animals. “What you just said was quiet like a little mouse… Can you make it louder like a lion” we are also going to start cueing her to take bigger breaths to help her with her volume.

Once she got home she had a super long nap and then played with Jack. In total Madison was in some sort of therapy for 4 hours today – and we are all super proud of her for every minute of them!

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