Day 484: And That’s A Wrap!

And just like that, Madi is finished her first year of pre-school!

Today was Madison’s last day of school. They had a celebration with family and a graduation for her classmates who are off to kindergarten in the fall.

The celebration started with a video of photos taken all through the school year. It was amazing to see how much Madison and her friends have changed. After the video, the teachers did a special presentation for the graduates, followed by music circle. Nana and Uncle Barker joined Mommy, Daddy & Jack in the celebration. At the end Madison received her report card from her teachers, occupational therapist and physiotherapist with some excellent ideas for goals for the next school year.

Madison had a spectacular year at Centennial. Big moments/memories are: learning to use her walker, going up and down stairs by herself, sitting in a chair unsupported, learning over 20 songs, learning the alphabet, counting to 20, reading 5 sight words, recognizing and sorting all the names in her class, learning all colours & shapes, spelling her name, sorting objects biggest to smallest, drinking from an open cup, using a spoon and fork to feed herself and the start of potty training! 

All of her teachers and volunteers were truly amazing and we can easily say that this year was life changing for Madison and sending her to Centennial was the best decision! 

Madison will be returning to Centennial again in September for one final year in preparation for kindergarten. We can’t wait to see how much more she will flourish there next year!

​​​​After a busy morning and a super long nap, Madison visited with Pam and Medford to have a relaxing end to her day. They played with play dough, experimented with special lights in a jar of water and Madison taught Jack how to play and sing twinkle twinkle on the piano. 

Madison and Jack had a great time playing on the floor before bed. Madi is a wonderful big sister and loves to help Jack try new things like rolling over. 


This video was sent to us today. It is the conductive education video that was made to raise awareness about the good work March of Dimes is doing. 

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