Day 485: Lazy Saturday

Today was Madison’s first day of summer.  She slept in, had a yummy breakfast and then went to get a massage.

For many different reasons her legs have been stiffer then usual. Shannon did a great job on Madison’s legs. She observed that Madison’s hips, knees and ankles were very swollen and it felt like there were little marbles in her calf muscles. Madison was uncomfortable because of the stiffness but did a great job lying still for Shannon to work her magic. At the end, Shannon decided to tape Madison’s muscles around her knees and up the back of her hamstrings to take the pressure off her joints and to give her muscles a rest. We are going to try and leave the tape on for a few days.

Madison had a great nap after her massage and then spent the rest of the day roaming around the backyard and watching the Jays game.

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