Day 481: An Afternoon At Grandview

Jack had a great play date with Owen this morning while Mommy was out.

Madison and Jack both had physio at Grandview this afternoon and Madison had OT as well. Jack worked hard at strengthening the right side of his neck, and stretching it out. He has a consult next month with Madison’s orthotist to look at getting fit for a helmet to help reshape his head. Madison worked hard with her walking during physio and cut and glued Daddy a Father’s Day gift during OT.

Madison also did some good walking in the water with Ryan tonight at the pool. They also worked on her back floats. Madison has to continue to work on thinking about relaxing her core and upper body to help her more naturally float. It was her last class tonight for the spring session so she is on a break from the pool for a few weeks and then she will work with Ryan again this summer. After her class she and Ruby had playtime together.

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