Day 480: Last Week of School!

Madison had a great morning at school. She loved using her favourite markers at sensory time, and her and her buddy Emma held hands during snack and chatted away.

Madison spent her afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa. She took care of her pink flower garden, went for a walk to the park, went on the swings and her friend Stanley even went up on the slide with her. 

Madisons day ended with a physio session with Emily in the basement playroom. They worked on standing up from a bench and then taking steps, they did lots of stretching sitting with her Gaitors and they took some steps with the ski boots. Madison is working on saying to herself “STEP…FREEZE” to try and slow down her steps and think about her balance. Emily also helped Madison paint and play with her play dough. 

This is Madison waiting at the front window for Emily. Every Monday she waits in the same spot. Shes always so excited to play with Emily.


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