Day 489: Thanks Joe!

Madison had another great morning at March of Dimes. She took 5 independent steps! Madi and Mommy also played catch while Madison stood up the whole time!

Madison then went to WindReach to have her last spring session ride with Joe. They worked together in the outdoor ring for half the lesson and then went for a walk on the back trail. Madi’s friend Bonnie went to cheer her on. At the end of the lesson Joe gave Madison a special ribbon to congratulate her on the time they spent together and all that they accomplished. Madison can’t wait to keep learning with Joe this summer during their summer program.

At the end of her day, Madison visited a dance studio with Mommy, Nana and Jack. Madison attended a trial dance class for a summer dance program run by two OT’s who teach classes designed for children with special needs. She put on a pink boa and listened to different types of music while in her walker. Madison ended up being the youngest registered for the studio, and with the other program locations being so far away – Madison will continue looking for other options to learning how to dance in her walker. Jack loved the music and danced and screamed in Nana’s lap!

Before bed, Madison visited Pam and Medford to show them her ribbon from Joe and to deliver some mail. They cheered her on as she ran all over the place in her walker and they helped her put her new frog friend in the front garden.

On a sad note we no longer have space on the blog for photos or videos so we will try to figure out a solution hopefully in the next few days. 

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