Day 1,176: Wow, What a Day!

Madison had quite the busy day.

It started off relaxing with a stretch session at home and then a trip to see Shannon for a massage.


She then went home to meet up with Claire for a physio session. They did good work together practicing the stairs, squats, side leg lifts to build hip strength and some walking.


After her physio session, Madi headed to the mall. She was super excited to go to her favourite store Justice! She shopped with her Christmas gift card from Aunt Nadia & Uncle Mark. She picked out some hair accessories and a water bottle.


While she was shopping, Mommy heard back from Madi’s Nephrologist. Madison has been battling a cold this last week, has become a bit swollen and has low energy. We started testing her urine to see if she was spilling protein and the tests have been inconsistent. Her doctor asked us to swing by the hospital to do his own test. Madi left the mall and went to the hospital. After a quick test she headed home to play with her brother. Later on her doctor called back and confirmed the positive test – Madison’s nephrotic syndrome has relapsed after over a year of being in remission. She starts a round of steroids tomorrow and will go back to the hospital Wednesday. Her doctor dosed it high with the hopes she can rebound quick. Fingers crossed!


Day 1,175: Happy New Year!

Happy 2019!


Madison had a great 2018 full of new milestones, new activities, a surgery, lots of family time and new friends. She worked hard and continued to progress throughout the year. She maintained a schedule comprised of therapy, family time, school, sports, ambassador & volunteer opportunities and community activities. We are so proud of the balanced young lady she has become.


Madison understands that goals are something you keep in your head and work towards to try and get better at something. Her 2019 goals she has told us about are: swim more, become an artist, learn new sports, read more, stretch daily (Mommy’s goal lol) and do more strength work at home.

We would like to thank all of our family, co workers and friends who supported us through 2018 and all that we were able to do for Madison. She continues to thrive and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

Here’s how Madison has spent her first few days of 2019!


Whats new coming up….

-skiing, more play dates, strength & conditioning classes @ Variety Village & OT

We wish you a happy and healthy 2019!

Day 1,173: Let the Festivities Begin!

Madison and Jacks Christmas celebrations have started!

The annual photo with Santa!


Madison has limited therapy scheduled over the break. She has worked very hard and will enjoy some time off. Her first evening of holidays was spent at the pool having some fun with Jack.


They had a nice visit with Pam and Medford Saturday afternoon followed by Christmas dinner with The Lynch families.


Today the kids had a nice visit with Mommy’s Sk7er crew… over 20 years of friendship! Merry Christmas!




Day 1,172: A Week of Work

Madison has been working hard this week with her different therapy sessions. Saturday morning is her last activity and then she has some time off. Monday she had massage, Tuesday Smile Therapy, Wednesday physio and swimming and then she will be back at the pool Friday!


Day 1,170: Thanks MOD!

Madison had her last class at March of Dimes today. They spent the last few classes getting excited for the holidays! Thanks to everyone in her Conductive Education program for an amazing session!


Madison continued her hard work later today at Smile. She did lots of walking practice and spent some time in ski boots to help her get used to them for her upcoming ski lessons!


Madison and Jack wrapped up their day by decorating the tree!