Day 1,220: Goodbye Summer

Madison and Jack had a wonderful summer full of family, friends, new experiences and lots of time outdoors. Madison has many firsts this summer including camp at Variety Village, camping in 4 different Provincial Parks, learning to stand up and walk on grass barefoot, jumping off the side of a pool by herself, doing consecutive jumps on a trampoline and showing more independence with her self help skills. Jack also had many firsts this summer. He played tball with Sportball, rode his first rollercoaster, went to camp, started preschool, learned to catch minnows, and can now dress himself. We are so proud of all they accomplished and are thrilled with how well they spent their summer together having fun and strengthening their bond with one another. Today, their last few hours of summer was spent drawing with chalk, having a dance party, playing outside with bubbles and scooters and enjoying a rocket popsicle. Tomorrow starts a new adventure… Grade 1! Which means less support at school… no more daytime therapies, more activities of Madison’s choice and lots of new experiences!


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