Day 1,222: This is Six!

And just like that, Madi is 6 years old!

Its gone by so quickly!


Madison started her birthday weekend with a Friday night dinner celebrating Grandpas 65th and her 6th.


When Madison woke up Saturday morning she went straight to her iPad and searched for a birthday song. She then woke up the rest of the house by blasting “Happy Birthday” from her iPad while she also sang it at the top of her lungs. She then climbed into bed with the fam and everyone looked through her baby pics and other birthday pics which she and Jack got a kick of. It was a great way to start her birthday. She then opened her gifts and had a nice breakfast.


It was then time to head to her birthday party! Madison decided she wanted to have a spa party this year. They ate waffles with every topping under the sun and cupcakes too. They then went down to the main spa area to have fingers and toes painted, makeup on, and princess outfits on to start a dance party! It was an awesome party and it was nice meeting some of her new classmates and watching her interact with her girlfriends.

Once the spa was done, Madison headed to Pam and Medford’s house to celebrate. They had a nice visit and she was spoiled with gifts.

It was then time to meet up with the boys at a campsite. Madison LOVED camping this summer and asked to camp one more time before putting the camper away for the season. She had a great celebration playing games, eating cake, roasting marshmallows and having a sleepover with Nate.

The next morning everyone went out for breakfast to finish off the celebrations and then went to the Village for a swim with Ryan.

Madison works so hard and rarely gets to choose how she spends her time so we told her she could pick anything to do for her birthday and then we ended up doing it all! Thanks to everyone for all the birthday messages and gifts, Madison had an amazing birthday!

This week marks the start of fall activities that everyone has been looking forward to. Tonight was Jacks first sea turtle swim class and Madison’s first meeting back with Sparks. Thank you Pam for sewing all of Madison’s badges onto her sash just in time for tonight!


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