Day 1,215: Marathon Day

Madison is a trooper and pushed through a physically demanding day. Camp has been an amazing experience so far but it’s been exhausting for her. Today’s camp skills included swimming, throwing skills, jumping skills, time outside and lots of camp games in the gym. Madison said the best part of the gym is when they all raced around the track. After camp Madison had an awesome swim lesson with Ryan. They focused on backstroke, floats with rolls, deep end swimming and kicking. After swimming Madison had a great workout with Melissa in the gym – she walked across all 12 treadmills sidestepping to avoid the lava on the floor lol.


Jack had his first morning camp today! The theme this week is sports. He went with his buddies and had a blast. After camp Jack took Rusty for a walk, played at the park and then met up with Madison at Variety Village. He went for a swim and then played baseball in the gym while Madison worked out.


It was a super active day for Madi and Jack so they were in bed asleep by 6:30!

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