Day 1,214:What a Day of Firsts!

Madison and Jack had an awesome day!

Today was Madison’s first day of sports camp at Variety Village. They started their day with swimming and then went to the gym and worked on balance skills with an obstacle course, played some camp games, worked on climbing and throwing skills and finished the day with free time outside. She loved it! It was a full day of fun – 7 hours of moving and grooving! She said the best part of camp this week is she gets to swim everyday and spend lots of time with her cousin and her friends.



Tonight was Jack’s first night of Sportball! It’s  a mix of soccer skills and t-ball skills at a park in our neighbourhood. Madison cheered him on! Jack loved it and did really well. Tonight they focused just on soccer so Jack was a little disappointed as he LOVES baseball! But he is really looking forward to going back next week.



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