Day 1,216:A Fish in the Making

Madison has loved the water since her first swim as a newborn. The water is her happy place where she feels in control and free.


Today Madison had an excellent swim with Ryan. She was confident and did really well listening to his feedback and trying new things. She was so happy! I realized while she was  swimming that it’s been 4.5 years since her first lesson with a Ryan…here is little Madi at 1.5 years old!



And today’s swim…


Madison also had a great session at Smile Therapy this morning. Her ankle was a bit sore from falling this morning but Jo-Anne helped her with some tape and she did great!


Mr Jack had a blast at Sportball tonight. They played their first soccer game and Jack ran hard and laughed the whole time.


One thought on “Day 1,216:A Fish in the Making”

  1. A little confused with the new format……was there videos??? Loved the early pictures of Madison and Mom in the water.


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