Day 947: BFF’s Birthday!

Madi had an early swim with Ryan and then with Patricia. She is loving swimming for 1 hour now every Sunday. Ryan focused on back floats and Patricia focused on water jogging with a wet vest.

Madi spent some time with Nana and Papa after her swim while Mommy finished up coaching. 

It was then time for Bens Birthday party! Madi loved seeing all her friends and celebrating her BFF’s 4th Birthday! Mommy was most excited to see Madi in the bouncy castle. She spent most of the party on there pulling herself up to standing and then trying to walk and bounce. She was a sweaty girl and was so proud of herself. It was the first time she has stood in a bouncy castle! Thanks for the great party Ben!


One thought on “Day 947: BFF’s Birthday!”

  1. I can hear the love, pride and happiness in your heart Katherine when you write about Madi’s achievements…………you have been such a strong advocate for her and it is showing ……… should write a book……when you have time ….LOL….’cause I don’t know how your family does what it does given that we still have 24 hour days!!!!


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