Day 943: Pizza Day!

Madison had her first pizza lunch at school today. She was pretty excited. 

Here is a guest blog from Nana:

” Madison had a great day at school. Today was pizza lunch, she didn’t like the pepperoni so just took it off, she loved playing in the sand outdoors at recess with all the sand toys and she said she used her canes all day. She ate a snack as soon as she got in the car and had a big drink of water then fell asleep during the drive to VV. She did not want to wake up, did not want to see Stephanie, only wanted her Mama. So I bribed her, we walked in, got some popcorn and freezing cold water. She ate a bunch then after a slow start with Stephanie did great work. Amazing walking, stepping up and down on different levels, climbing in and out of the ball pit, crouches, walking up the stairs holding onto the wall. Stephanie was really working her on walking slowly, trying to take longer strides and trying to get her full foot flat on the ground.”


One thought on “Day 943: Pizza Day!”

  1. So wonderful hearing and seeing Madi being excited about K……..and like most JK’s I know…so tired at the end of the day… too!!!!…and then she keeps going for her physio…cudos to her!!!!


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