Day 949: Library Day

Guest blog by Nana:

“Today was good, I picked Madison up and she looked at her new library book on the way home. She had a big snack and she fed her sea monkies, I moved them out of the sun because the water was so hot. She coloured for a while, had some quiet time on her iPad and then we got ready for ballet. Susie said today that she was very impressed with the way Madison is joining in and moving. She stood tall today and moved her arms in different ways like everyone else. She tried turning in her walker and is doing better. On the way home she told me she loves ballet,it’s fun and she loves her ballet teachers. She said her day at school was great, Monday is Gym, Tuesday is Library – her favourite day – and wed. Is pizza lunch. She told me they are learning about the sound the letter “a” makes and the rhyme about ants to remember the sound. We played a game about all the names we know that have the a sound. She played in the sand outside at recess and her socks and afo’s were full of sand. She was telling me a lot of names of her new friends.” 

Thanks Nana!

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