Day 944: New Tricks

Madison’s day was busy and she was tired, but she pushed through and did her best.

After school she went riding with her horse Max. She did a lot of reaching and core activities as well as deep breathing for voice projection.

After a good session at Windreach, Madi headed to Neurochangers for some time on the GEO. Lots of distractions with YouTube and Netflix had to happen for the session to keep moving as Madi was super tired. The staff were amazing at helping her stay on track and keep her walking. 

Madi’s new trick happens at bath time! She has found new independence and loves it. She now knows how to turn the bath water on and to the right temperature, put the plug in and then get in and out of the tub all by herself! She obviously has supervision for bath time, but likes to tell us she can do it all by herself now. 

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