Day 948: Being Flexible

Madison has already learned so many valuable skills at such a young age that will serve her well as she grows. One of them is being flexible and going with the flow which we love about her! We can put her in pretty much any situation and she will adapt and follow through. 

Jack has been sick the last few days which has meant changing around Madison’s therapies and plans. She was super happy to go to school this morning with Pam and Medford so they could see her school while Daddy watched over Jack. They also picked her up and took her to Neurochangers to do some walking. While she was there she wasn’t happy with the fit of her AFO and was experiencing some pain. The wonderful team there worked their magic and figured out a way to get her walking. She ended up taking over 900 steps! She bounced back and made it through. 

Thank you Pam & Medford for all your help and a great day!

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