Day 891: A Day At VV!

Madi had a lot of fun at camp this morning. She took 16 steps all by herself! She was in charge of teaching the calendar all by herself. Her favourite activity of the morning was making lemonade from scratch. She has all the steps memorized and would like to make some for anyone who would like to try a cup. She also had a blast throwing water balloons around outside while she practiced her standing. 

Madi and Jack spent the rest of their day at Variety Village with Nate and Uncle Mark. Madi loved having Nate join her Physio session and watch her walk. She had another amazing session with Stephanie doing lots of walking and did lots of practice trying to stand up from the floor all by herself. 


After some great Physio, the three musketeers went to the pool for a swim and then headed to the accessible playground for a snack and play!

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