Day 889: Lucky #3

Madi is almost 3 months post op! She worked through 3 different therapies today and she got stronger as she went. Mommy was so proud!

Her morning started at conductive Ed camp. She loves all the games and learning that they do while working on her gross motor goals. She LOVED playing Guess Who with Monika, so Mommy added it to the shopping list for later in the day. 

After camp Madi went to Variety Village for some Physio with Stephanie. Madi did some work in her walker with weights attached to the back to help her slow down and think about proper steps.  They worked on independent walking for almost 45 minutes! Madi took anywhere between 6-20 steps, took a small break and then kept going. Stephanie and Mommy had some tears watching Madi go. She finished her session doing some sets on the total gym. 

After a rest and play at home, Madi went to Grandview for Physio with Kate who did a re-assessment of post op goals. They went through some different exercises to assess where Madi is at and what the focus should be for the next 4 weeks. One activity that stood out the most to Mommy was Madi’s high kneeling. Madi could hold that position for only 2-3 seconds before surgery. Today she held it for over a minute and could have kept going but she got bored hahaha. She also was able to do some walking in tall kneeling which looked great!

It’s been a very long and busy couple of months, but days like today make every trip in the car, every appointment, every stretch and exercise completely 100% worth it!

2 thoughts on “Day 889: Lucky #3”

  1. Madi is 100% determination!!!! She must be feeling so proud of her accomplishments!(as are you) I’ve said it before ….she’s my hero! …she motivates me to get moving each morning when I read your blog. And yes, I can see why on days when she is progressing so well, you might have “mommy tears”…..everyone has hoped and worked so hard to give Madi all these opportunities to thrive!!! You’re my Hero Mommy! I really think you should be writing a book on advocating for your child. Glad Mya got to see Madi!!!!


  2. Wow! Madi is a powerhouse full of courage, determination and grit. And her smile is priceless! Go Madi go!


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