Day 890: Potty Trained!

People ask all the time the changes that we see daily in Madison since having her SDR surgery. One big change has been her awareness for having to use the washroom. She had an understanding of what she had to do about a year ago, but never really caught on to the sensation and what to control. We are happy to report that she is now potty trained! She has been diaper free since Saturday with only one accident today. She is very proud of herself. She is doing pretty well at using the potty independently but needs help getting off and getting dressed. No diapers for swimming, for sleeping, for nothing! Conductive Ed camp has been a huge help with this – they have worked with her on it everyday since she started camp almost 4 weeks ago. Thanks Monika and team!

While Madi enjoyed her day at camp, Jack ran around like crazy at his My Gym class. Today’s skill he tried was a back tuck summersault! He giggled the whole time.

Madi had a great session with Jo-Anne this afternoon. She worked super hard and did her best to try each challenge. They climbed boxes to work on her external rotation, walked accross a tilting wooden board to work on shifting her weight while walking and walked up an inclined board to work on leaning forwards while walking. Thanks Jo-Anne!

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