Day 887: Little Fish

Madi’s had a very busy couple of weeks followed by fun filled weekends, so she was kept home from camp this morning to lounge in bed and have some down time. It was much needed because after some rest and lunch she was ready to attack the rest of the day!

She did an awesome job at riding today where she rode Ooma backwards for the first time!

She then headed to Variety Village to meet with a new PT she will be working with – Claire. They did some work with sitting to standing tall, transitions from kneeling to standing, some walking and some active hamstring stretches. She did great!

After some dinner and a play with her brother and Nate she headed to the pool for a swim with Ryan.

Mommy was thrilled to see Madi’s progress in the pool! She is now relaxing on her front and putting her whole face in to look around and blow bubbles. She also floated by herself for 2 seconds! The change in the smoothness of her transitions we are seeing at home we are also seeing in the pool. So great to see!

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