Day 894: Ups & Downs

Madi had a day filled with highs and lows. Mommy wasn’t sure if a full moon was coming, possibly a reaction to her meds which lead to her being wired, a tired toddler or change in routine but Madi was a bit out of sorts this morning which lead to a few time outs and cancelling some things to stay home. 

After some rest and quiet/calm time in bed, Madi had some lunch and seemed more herself. She went to see Shannon which was very relaxing and soothing for her tired/sore muscles.

Once Madi was home and finished dinner, she wanted to work on her walking. Madi has been walking on high knees as her warm up before practicing her walking at home. This was very difficult for her to do before SDR. She could do just a few, very quickly before falling forwards. She is now controlled and much stronger.

One thought on “Day 894: Ups & Downs”

  1. Even a girl with the amazing drive and enthusiasm for life most everyday as Madi has is allowed some down days. Keep on moving ahead Madi. Even if it’s two steps back before taking three steps forward.


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