Day 668: Searching for Santa!

Madison had a great afternoon with her Aunts Janine and Suzanne! They went to a special street on their way home from school that had Santa blow ups on the lawn of every single house! Madison counted 57 Santas!

On her way to visit Great Grandma Gregoire, Madison made a stop to watch a Christmas train and have some ice cream! Look at those flat feet!

Madison always loves visiting Providence. She visits with Grandma and likes to explore. Today she did a great job trying to push the stroller while walking! Thanks for a great afternoon!

Jack and Mommy had a great day going from appointments to shopping to the doctors. Jack had his second flu shot today and now weighs 25 pounds! He has also figured out how to get out of the stroller so it’s time to strap him in!

Madison’s hockey ticket draw is tomorrow! Get your orders in by emailing Thank you to everyone who has shared about the raffle and has purchased tickets. 

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