Day 682: Christmas Round 3!

Madi and Jack had Christmas round 3 today! They visited at Debbie and Garry’s Boxing Day open house with family, friends and neighbours. Madi spent most of the party hanging out on the stairs colouring with another little girl from the neighbourhood and Jack wondered around trying to eat everything in sight. Madi received many generous donations today from long time friends/family from the neighbourhood that we are very grateful for the support towards her upcoming surgery. 

Madi and Jack then headed back to Nana & Papa’s house to visit and have Jacks Christmas. Jack slept through most of his visit yesterday and wasn’t able to open his presents or spend time with everyone so it was a nice way to wrap up Christmas festivities. Jack started standing for several minutes all by himself today and tried taking a few steps by the Christmas tree. He did his best attempts when Madison was encouraging him to walk to her- such a sweet moment! Madi is such a great big sister!

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