Day 671: Merry Christmas Day!

Madison and Jack were excited to go downstairs this morning to see if Santa had visited their house. Madison had still been unsure of Santa so she said to Mommy “go downstairs and check if Santa is still at our house because I don’t want to see him- but don’t open any of my presents”hahaha. Once the coast was clear they headed down.

Madison was so happy to see that Santa had brought her pink presents and that he remembered to bring something for Jack too. They opened their stockings, had a yummy breakfast and then went nuts openin everything under the tree. Madison thanked Santa for each and every gift and helped Jack open his. Jacks gifts revolved around the theme of balls and cars and Madison’s gifts were in line with her different therapy needs, or “hidden therapy” as we usually call it. She also opened lots of gifts for travel and good for hotel living when we go to St Louis. Madison also loved her red St Louis baseball hat that everyone got for the big trip!

After playing with some new toys and packing up, it was time to head over to Nana and Papa’s house! Jack was exhausted and possibly still battling his cold so he had a long sleep. Madison and Nathan got into the presents right away they were so excited that Santa had visited. They took turns helping each other open their gifts and hand out gifts to others. Madison did a great job trying to walk and crawl around the room to help everyone open. Nate and Madi played with Nana’s toys in between opening presents and eating lots of yummy snacks. It was a wonderful Christmas at Nana and Papa’s.

It was then time to head to the Gregoire Family Christmas. Madison and Jack played with Nate and Molly running all over the place, visiting with family and taking turns racing in Madison’s walker. They were all spoiled with beautiful gifts and had a great time playing. They also helped pick gifts in the gift swap game. It was a fun night and a great first Christmas for Jack!

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