Day 687: Bring On 2017!

Madison spent her last day of 2016 with her Daddy, Papa and Grampa at the Leafs vs Detroit alumni hockey game. She cheered loudly for the Leafs and enjoyed the whole game. Thank you Starlight Foundation!

​​​Jack, Mommy and Nana spent the day swimming at Variety Village and going for lunch. Jack LOVES the water and had a blast splashing, floating and dunking!

Once everyone was home, it was Madi’s choice of where to go for dinner… She of course picked ‘Pig Out’ and both Madi and Jack took over the restaurant with their silliness and love for all the BBQ!

2016 brought our family so many special moments and so much to be grateful for. 2016 gave us Jack- the most prescious, easy going and fun loving baby boy who will be one in a few short weeks. 2016 also brought Madi growth, strength, independence and oppertunity, but we are so pumped and ready for what 2017 will bring our way. 2017 will be a big year for Madison- it will be one of the most challenging years to date, but we are ready!!

 We want to thank everyone for your continued support and helping us make our dreams for Madi become reality! Tonight was an emotional bedtime. Mommy whispered into Madi’s ear- “happy new year Madi Mouse- 2017 is going to be your year! No more pain or needles- 2017 will bring you the freedom to do more and be happy” Bring on 2017! Happy New Year!

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