Day 504: Kids in the Kitchen!

Madi started her day bright and early with breakfast with Nana while Jack and Mommy visited with Doctor Sarah for some adjustments. It was then time to go work with Stephanie at Variety Village!

Madi and Stephanie did LOTS of walking!! She also climbed up and down a tower of mats and tumble forms and practiced crawling to standing on slanted mats. 

Madison enjoyed an afternoon at the local early years centre for a class called “kids in the kitchen”. Today’s menu was three tasty recipes with a roll theme. She learned to make a cheesy chicken roll, a cucumber sushi roll and a fruit roll up Rice Krispie roll. Mommy was so proud of Madi for her participation in the class. She listened and followed instructions well, she was able to manoeuvre herself around the classroom in her walker pushing chairs and tables out of the way and figured out how to access the sink by herself to wash her hands. 

Madison is still hesitant at entering new environments in her walker when others are not in walkers and often will say things like “I’m a little bit tired” or “carry me and leave the walker” but with encouragement and redirection towards an activity of interest she moves forward and becomes more comfortable and confident. Mommy and Daddy’s goal for Madi from now until kindergarten is to give Madi one opportunity a week to be in an inclusive environment with mostly “typical” children her age to give her more experience and exposure to what her world will be like in JK. 

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