Day 512: Off -Roading 

Madison practiced using her new walker outside today. Daddy is going to have to make some adjustments and add weights to the back as Madi was zooming all over the neighbourhood. Mommy couldn’t keep up and thankfully Madi avoided many falls with Mommy’s quick hands. Ultimately Madi is going to use her red flux walker full time. This blue walker that she got from “For the Needy Not the Greedy” is going to help her become more comfortable with the front swivel wheels without worrying about the weight of the flux walker for now. 

Madi took several rests to supervise Medford as he was fixing his car.

Jack and Daddy had a low key morning on the couch 

Madi was spotted in the Toronto Star this week. They featured an article about the conductive ed camps at March of Dimes this summer. Check out the article online with the date of July 28th in the Greater Toronto section if you want to read more about it. 

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