Day 508: Jack Update

Madison had a pretty relaxed day to recover from her cold. She got up nice and early and headed to Pam and Medfords for breakfast. She was very lucky to have eggs, fruit, bacon and toast. She had a wonderful time – thank you Pam and Medford! 

Later in the day Madi and Jack met up with Nate for a visit to the local fire station. They learned about fire safety, toured around and saw the equipment and checked out the fire truck. Madi’s favourite part was spraying the fire hose.

​After a marathon of a nap Madi and Jack went to cheer Mommy on at softball. Her cold is starting to clear up and her tone is starting to calm down a bit. 


Jack Update:

Jack is 6 months old next week. He weighs about 20 pounds, is sleeping well, is wearing 12 month clothing, loves tummy time and playing with his sister and loves to eat cereal, carrots, bananas, peas, squash and sweet potatoes. 

He is doing really well battling his torticollis. He responds really well to massage and chiro but HATES the stretches Mommy has to do on his neck muscles. 

Jack was assessed this morning for a thermoplastic molded helmet. After all his positional therapy and stretches, his head shape is still flat and he is at risk for his skull not closing up properly by the time he is one. They scanned his head to get a digital image of his skull on the computer and with those numbers they determine where on the severity scale he lies. 1 is somewhat normal and a 5 is severe. Poor Jack is a level 5, so the measurements were done, the helmet is ordered and follow up appointments booked. He should receive his helmet in 2 weeks and then he will have appointments every 2 weeks until he is one. The helmet has to be worn 22 hours a day. The orthotist designing the helmet also does Madi’s AFO’s and is using her Blue Jays design as inspiration. Stay tuned…

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