Day 251: Halloween Fun!

At March of Dimes this afternoon Madison was motivated to work hard through her different exercises with all the Halloween props and activities. She practiced her walking by picking up spiders, side stepped to a pumpkin,  played with small pumpkins in a sandbox and practiced independent standing while painting a pumpkin. She talked about her class with Monika all night….she loved it! Thanks Janine for all the fab pictures.







In other news…Madison and Mommy will have lots more time together before her brother comes…he’s up to some funny business much like his big sister and Mommy is on motified bed rest…everyone is ok….just taking precaution to keep baby Ambos cooking.

One thought on “Day 251: Halloween Fun!”

  1. Christina, Emily, Ian and I are here to help you, James and Madison out whenever we can. Please do not hesitate to ask.


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