Day 252: MRI Update

Madi had a great afternoon with Nana & Papa. After her nap she played and read some Halloween books and then had dinner before swimming. She did a great job at swimming with Ryan tonight.  She did some back floats, practiced her kicking and swimming on her side. When she got home she was very excited to show Nana & Papa her new room. After bath and books it was time for bed.



Madison showing Mommy how she floated on her back at swimming and how she kicked her legs with Ryan





Sick Kids Hospital called today with an update on Madison’s MRI. She is booked for an overnight MRI on November 20th at 9:45 pm.  She has to be sleep deprived from the day and when admitted at 8:30 pm they will give her Melatonin. At 9:45 they will put her to bed and then once asleep they will start the 1.5 hour scan. If all goes well she will not have to have another MRI via anasthesia.

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