Day 254: Happy Halloween!

Madison had a spooktacular Halloween! Her day started at Nathan’s house for a Halloween brunch to celebrate his first Halloween! Madi had lots of yummy food, played with Nate and made some fun Halloween crafts.


Unfortunately the blog is having some technical issues with posting pictures this evening. Please look to my Facebook page for additional photos from the night.


After a quick nap and a Pizza dinner (Halloween tradition) Madison helped set up her pumpkins and then was off for some Trick or Treating. She made it in her walker to 4 houses this year! Her first stop was to Pam and Medford’s house. She walked right up in her walker making her monkey sounds and was excited to get some bags of gold fish crackers – her favourite! After some piano playing and a nice visit she left for some other houses. She did a great job walking with her costume on and was only scared at one house. It had a big ghost on the front lawn so it took her about 10 minutes to reach the door. When she was all done she sat out front of our house for a while watching the other kids and handed out candy. At this time last year Madison had her first pony walker for only a few weeks and made it just next door. What an improvement and change from a year ago! Happy Halloween!

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