Day 253: Halloween at School!

Madison had a great Halloween celebration at school this morning! They went trick or treating and had a Halloween sing along with pumpkin masks and everyone was in costume. Madison’s monkey costume did not last on her long but she looked cute while it was on.


She had a great afternoon with Grandpa and Grandma Ambos. She decorated Halloween cupcakes and carved a little pumpkin.


When she got home she helped Daddy decorate the front of the house and carve her big pumpkin. She loved ripping all the pumpkin guts out which was a surprise as she has some challenges with different textures. Sensory time at school must really be improving!  Mommy drew out two designs for Madi to choose from. She knew which one she wanted right away when she pointed and laughed….”haha Punkin face Mama”

Madison supervising Daddy



Warming up to ghosts


Madi’s Witch Pumpkin






Madi’s jungle walker with bananas is all ready for tomorrow! Look out Aspen Road..there will be a monkey out on the loose!



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