Day 216: Reaching New Heights

Mama was busy in the kitchen preparing food for the next day, doing dishes etc. while listening to Madison play in the next room. It was then quiet for a few minutes so Mama went looking for Madison. Madison was no where to be found. Finally a loud “Hi! ” filled the room and Mama noticed Madison on the stairs. She was not the usual 2-3 steps up on her own….she was 10 steps up (halfway up the stairs) all by herself! There were mixed emotions of proudness and excitment but Mama was also terrified as Madi could have tumbled down the stairs too. We were so proud of her courage and determination and confidence to do it all on her own. We’ve now realized the stairs are fair game in her mind so they have to be watched.


Day 215: AFO Tune Up

After an excellent morning at school Madison visited Dr. ERIC this afternoon to get her AFO’S fixed up. She still continues to grow at a quick rate and the way her straps were fused to her “boots” they didn’t distribute the pressure evenly on the top of her foot. It then was leaving red marks and then leaving Madison not wanting to wear them for long periods of time.

Madison loves to visit because they have the best toys to play with. Their wide selection really helps when the appointments that tend to last 1 to 1.5 hours.


Madison has been responding really well to her stretches lately and it really showed today. Some may not think this is a Big deal….but it is!….look how close to the ground her heals are while she is playing. Free play usually tends to bring Madison straight up on her toes. ..but not today!


Once Dr Eric finished his magic in his back workshop Madison was much happier with the fit of her AFO’S. He widened the padding on the top strap to better distribute the pressure and he bumped out the ankles and fused the insert to her boot. Here’s hoping we won’t have to go back for a while.


Day 214: Golf Tournament Countdown

Madison will be one of the recipients of funds raised at the Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament this year. Funds collected for Madison will go towards her various rehabilitation programs she attends weekly to help her work towards her goals and to be able to add additional therapies and equipment in the future.

Madison visited Papa’s store today to pick up some of the very generous donations made towards the silent auction! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and for all your generosity!


The countdown is on….13 days until the tournament!  We are still collecting silent auction items and hole sponsorships. Please join us for a day of fun and/or dinner! If you can’t attend but would like to contribute, visit our website to donate directly.

Please visit:


Day 213: Riverdale Farm Birthday Fun

Madison had a great day celebrating her birthday at Riverdale Farm and Nana & Papa’s. Her and Nate loved looking at the pigs, horses, cows, sheep and ducks. After a nice walk through the farm she went to Nana and Papa’s for her birthday lunch. She loved her Bubble Guppy cake and all her wonderful gifts. Madi and Nate love to play with all the fun things at Nana and Papa’s and their hang out time together.

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Day 212: It’s a………

Madison had an exciting afternoon with her family at her soon to be siblings gender reveal party!

Her Aunt Nadia and Uncle Mark hosted a fun afternoon that included a secret coloured cake, a box full of balloons, pizza and time with family.

Everyone wore either pink or blue based on their guess for baby #2. Three people wore pink shirts and seven people wore blue. Aunt Nadia was the only one who knew the gender. She hid balloons in a box in baby # 2’s colour and had Madison open the box.

Madison is excited to announce that she is going to have a baby brother!

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Day 211: Freestyle Diving

We knew with the V.V. Pool closing that Madison would miss going to her lessons, but not so much that she would pretend to jump and dive in the house. Madison was full of beans tonight and pretended that Carters bed was a pool and she practiced her diving into the pool. She loved it so much she dove into the bed for well over 20 minutes. She even swam with Grandma Ambos this afternoon at a neighbours pool but it clearly wasn’t enough as she still wanted to do her dives at the house. If you have us on Facebook we have a video posted of her excellent technique. Good form Madison!


Day 210: Physio at Variety Village

After a great morning at Pre-School, Madison spent her afternoon with Nana. She had a long nap, big lunch and read through lots of books. Papa stopped in for a visit and found Madison playing with her stuffies in her crib after her nap chatting away.


Madison then went for physio at Variety Village with Stephanie. She worked on balancing on a ball doing rotations to help with transitions with crawling to sitting to standing. She also worked on using her walker around the Fieldhouse and also walking without the walker with hands on her hips. Stephanie has set the goal for Madison to take 2 steps by the end of October. Fingers crossed!

Madison worked up a big appetite after physio and was happy to visit Grandma Ambos for dinner.