Day 207: Happy 2nd Birthday Madison!

Today Madison celebrated her 2nd Birthday!

So much has happened in the past year that has been life changing for our little peanut. She has grown so much and has had so many successes and gains. It’s all going too quickly but we have cherished every second of her amazing little life. We can’t wait to see how much she continues to change in the next year.

             1st Birthday!                                                                 2nd Birthday!


She started her special day celebrating at school with her teachers and friends. They had cupcakes, sang songs and played with noise makers. Her teachers decorated her class and she had a great morning!

classroom school birthday 1 school birthday 2 school birthday 3

Madison spent her afternoon with her Aunt Janine and Suzanne. She had a super long nap from all the morning excitement and then ate a big birthday lunch. She opened presents and played with them for the rest of the afternoon.


Madison spent the rest of her birthday with Mommy and Daddy. She went out for a special dinner, had ice cream and then home for presents. It was a great day!

birthday dinner ice cream presents

Happy 2nd Birthday Madison! We all love you so much!


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