Day 204: First Week of Preschool a success!

Madison had an excellent first week at Preschool! We are so proud of her for trying new things, playing with new friends and there were no tears!

Her entry in today’s communication book was so cute! “Madison was very fond of Alma as they sat on the potty together”. She is also trying an open cup for drinking by herself. She is able to hold and lift the cup with her right hand but when using both hands has a hard time lifting the cup.

After her afternoon nap and lunch Madison went to Variety Village with Dada and Grandma Ambos. Madison is working for the next few weeks with her physiotherapist Stephanie who has a clinic at Variety Village. She will be working with Stephanie while she is on her break from Grandview.  Her next block of treatment at Grandview starts at the beginning of November. Madison practiced transitioning from crawling to sitting, crawling in 4 point, standing squats and walking in her walker. We are happy she has Stephanie to work with over the next few weeks to continue with the progress she built over the summer.


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