Day 208: Big Sister Update!

Most days Madison waves at Mommy’s belly to say hi to the baby, she gives it kisses, snuggles and sometime lifts Mommy’s shirt up and bites her tummy.

She is also obsessed with two baby books she has entitled ” Big Sister” and “Welcome Home New Baby”. She reads each book a few times each day – her choice of course. She also loves to feed her cabbage patch dolls, take their clothes and diapers off and burps them on the back.

So when Mommy and Daddy brought home pictures of baby #2 today she was very happy. She blew the pictures kisses and said “Hi baby!” Madison stayed home with Nana so she could have her nap and lunch while Mommy and Daddy went to see baby #2. The gender was seen and Madison will be revealing it with the help of her Aunt Nadia on Saturday! ….stay tuned.

Lunch Time with Nana


Baby #2


Madison also had a nice visit with her cousin Nate, Aunt Nadia and Uncle Mark who brought her a birthday balloon and some gifts that her and Nate explored on the front lawn. Madison had a great day!




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