Day 209: Neurologist

This afternoon Madison, Mama and Nana went for a visit with Dr. Cooper who is a Neurologist based out of Stouffville. She works in conjunction with Sick Kids and Ajax/Pickering Hospitals. She is in her 30th year of practice, she was very detailed and spoke to us for 1 hour 45 minutes.


Madison went for a consult for an MRI. We discussed the pros of having an MRI which were: obtaining a baseline image of Madison’s brain, to do a spectroscopy to measure chemicals and metabolics to rule out any biomedical/biochemical problems and to rule out any genetic abnormalities in the brain or issues with the spine impacting her ability to walk. The MRI would be done at Sick Kids in 6-8 months and would be a 1 hour procedure. The cons of an MRI would be having to sedate Madison with anesthetic to sleep for the procedure. The Neurologist feels there is more to be gained then lost and she wants to make sure the CP diagnosis is correct and that Madison does not have something else that is presenting itself as CP.

Her physical examination was very extensive and said if the CP diagnosis is accurate that Madison is classified as spastic diaplegic.

We will take a few days to think about everything and decide. A big thank you to Nana for taking detailed notes and entertaining Madison while Mama asked questions to the doctor.

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