Day 1,123: PERCS Surgery

Madison was up bright and early (4:45am) to have some breakfast before her cut off eating time before surgery. She thankfully fell asleep after she ate a little to get some more rest.


Once she was up for the day, she kept busy colouring and then went for a swim. She loved the hotel pool and didn’t want to get out. She then had a shower and headed to the hospital.


Not too long after arriving at the hospital she started getting hungry so thankfully she didn’t have to wait much longer. Madi was a rockstar- did everything the nurses asked, got dressed in her gown, took some meds, cleaned up and met with the team taking her to the OR.


One of the best moments of Mommy’s day was hearing the response Madison gave to one of the nurses. They were asking Mommy lots of questions about Madison’s nephrotic syndrome and any allergies etc. Then one of the nurses asked “Can she walk unassisted” to which Madison replied not missing a beat “well that’s why I’m here.” Haha it was pretty funny how serious she was about her answer.

Madison was super brave and made it all the way to the OR doors with no tears. Once Mommy had to leave, Madi had some tears but she was in great hands.


Her PERCS surgery only lasted about 35 minutes and she was out and in recovery within the hour. She was in good spirits when she woke up and inhaled 2 popsicles right away.


The first few hours were spent sleeping on and off mixed with nausea but overall in good spirits. Around dinner time when she finally wanted to eat, the hunger came on fiercely and Madi had a few hours of agitation, tears and some high emotions. After the nurses helped to calm her down she ate some food and felt more relaxed.


We decided to get out of her room to change things up so she went for a stroll in her stroller. On the way to the garden she ran into her buddy Ibrahim who had SDR a few weeks ago. They met in the playroom and had a nice visit colouring. It was so nice seeing some familiar faces from home.


Madison then headed to pick out a treat at the cafeteria, read some books and then went to bed. Overall it was a great day – Madison was super brave and has barely needed any pain meds. Dr Dobbs stopped by for a visit and was very pleased to see how well Madi is doing. He said everything in surgery went very well and he is looking forward to see how this will help Madi continue to progress. We are so thankful for all the messages and calls of support today- thank you everyone! And a big thank you to Dr Dobbs and his team for a successful day and Madi’s “icing on the cake” that PERCS will give her.

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