Day 1,124: Discharge Day

Madi was woken up from her hospital bed at 5am for Dr Dobbes team to check her legs and then give her clearance to be discharged. She ordered some breakfast, got changed out of her gown into some real clothes and then got ready for PT. When she is sitting, crawling or moving around the ground she is fine – no pain what so ever. When she weight bares, stands, walks – whole other story – she experiences a high level of pain and is incredibly weak and has to sit. She is such a tough cookie – handling it all right now by rotating through Tylenol or ibuprofen and hasent needed her oxy script yet. Once she is on her feet more in the next few days she will use a bit more help from her meds to help take the edge off to help her get moving again. She is to wear her high braces for the next 6 weeks whenever she is on her feet. Her bandages will come off in 10 days and then she can take full baths and go swimming. Starting Monday she will start her rehab program that will run 6 days per week for the next 3 months. She will then send videos to Dr Dobbes to get his input on how she’s doing. The focus everyday will be stretching, night boots, knee mobilizers, standing, walking and building overall strength. If she needs more time when school starts, we will delay the start of her school year to focus on her rehab. We were told her strength and abilities prior to surgery will return anytime between 4-8 weeks. Already today, from morning to afternoon she is more comfortable and willing to move more.






Once PT was done Madi was thrilled to leave! She headed back to the hotel to have some lunch, colour, nap and then headed over to the zoo. It rained on and off so we took our time seeing different animals, riding the train and then the carousel. She then headed back to the hotel for dinner and bed.



Thank you again for all of the messages of support! I have read all of them to her and she is so happy to have so many people wishing her well.

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