Day 1,089: Grandview for the Win!

We have always felt very fortunate to be a part of the Grandview family, and today was another example as to why. A Group of PT’s wanted to take advantage of the time that Mike Poole is spending in Toronto. They are in the process of creating their new protocol for SDR rehab and invited Mike to do a presentation for their thapists today. They also invited therapists from Bloorview who are currently developing their criteria for the provincial rehab program for the new SDR surgery being done at Sick Kids. Mike lead them through a formal presentation of what he and his team do all over the world and the priorities they need to be focusing on when kids are in rehab after the surgery. Once he completed the information portion, Madison attended to help demonstrate some of the components of his program. Madison was awesome! With a room full of people watching and asking questions and taking pictures she did everything she was asked and helped Mike go through different exercises.


As a parent, it was so exciting seeing our main treatment centre take such initiative to want to build their program and align with what is working elsewhere in the world. It was very exciting to watch! Good on you Grandview for thinking outside of the box and always trying to be better for the needs of the kids. Thanks Mike for helping them along the way!

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