Day 1,091: WTW Wrap Up

Madi just completed her second course with Mike from Walk this Way. The focus this time around was much different – it was all about creating and maintaining long muscles, inhancing independent mobility & confidence in her canes and having some fun! Madi did awesome! She managed cupping and deep massage every day and worked on her attention and self awareness through different movements like standing and walking. We now have many tools and ideas of how to continue the work at home until the next time.



One thought on “Day 1,091: WTW Wrap Up”

  1. Aww man.. you got a best shot 😦 lol
    She has be lovely to work with. And he hat tried so hard. Day one was tough but we knocked that out and each day got better and better 🙂 and the fact she is upset that she isn’t there next week. Well that’s just awesome. She started to hate therapy and now she loves it again 🙂 very happy 🙂 till next time x


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