DAY 1,084: Busy Daddy/Daughter Day

Madi and Daddy had a busy day together. It started at Dr Wongs clinic to check in on her Nephrotic syndrome. Madison has been in remission for about 5 months and everything is still good. She will check back in with him again in a few months.

After her appointment Daddy dropped her at school. She was just in time for pizza lunch and outdoor recess! She had a great reading session and more books were sent home to practice.

Daddy picked up Madi after school and then headed to Grandview. Madi did a video interview about SDR from her perspective and Grandviews involvement with Dr Parks program. When asked what she can do now that she couldn’t before, she answered “gymnastics!”. They did lots of walking practice and finalized info for Madison’s new walker and canes that were ordered.


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