Day 983: Update!

Thanks to all of our loyal followers who have been checking in on us this week as our posts have been delayed. We had an extremely busy week, followed by tech issues that led to no posts in a few days. Thanks for your patience!

Madison completed her final week with Mike and Jenn from Walk This Way. She did an amazing job participating in the sessions and learned many new skills and tools we will be working on at home. She is noticeably stronger, more confident and made good progress. The last two weeks were filled with learning opportunities not only for all the participants in the sessions, but by all the staff at Variety Village and many PT’s, OT’s and other therapists around the GTA. We are so grateful to have taken part in this opportunity and can’t wait to work with Mike & Jenn again in the near future. Find out more about Mike and his team here:

Link: Walk This Way

We love taking a break from self focused therapy to participate in the education of others. Madison was feeling better today so she headed downtown to two different workshops. She participated in an NDT course at Sick Kids and a physio bridging program course at Toronto rehab. Madi loved being the teacher today!

One thought on “Day 983: Update!”

  1. So glad to see the post today…..I was concerned about you all…….keep up all the good work you are doing with Madi and advancing not only her cause but the cause of so many others who are benefitting from all your advocacy


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